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Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony Recap



On June 7, 2021, the Riverview Learning Center (RLC) Class of 2021 students and families joined together to celebrate this year’s CLIP (Contracted Learning for Individual Pacing), CLEAR (Cyber Learning Education Alternative at Riverview), and PARADE (Parents and Riverview Actively Delivering Education) graduates.

26 students received diplomas this year, with 12 students graduating from the CLIP program, six students graduating from CLEAR, and eight students graduating from PARADE.

Principal John Bomar opened the commencement ceremony with thoughts on everything the students have gone through the past 16 months. “We lost a lot during this time. But we also learned some things. And I think what might be the most important of all – we learned that we need each other,” he said. “We need teachers. We need students. We need families. We need our friends. We need to have connection to the people we care about and who care about us.”

Mr. Bomar went on to speak to the RLC guiding words - Resilience, Responsible, and Respectful -  and congratulated the students on graduation.


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CLIP Lead Teacher Dana Koukol asked graduates to consider how they will write their next story. In those next steps, she reminded graduates to “Speak truth. Speak your truth and stay grounded. Try new things…safely. Avoid a bland story. Compound-interest is both your friend and your enemy. Save early and often. Avoid credit card debt. There are billions and billions of books in our world, each one is unique. Make your story unique as well.”

PARADE Teacher Josh Allen shared, “People can count on you. You aim to be trustworthy. In that way, we benefit from your success.” He spoke, in part, about resilience, a word he said defined this class perhaps more than any other. “To be resilient is to become someone beautiful. Resiliency speaks so much to the very nature of learning. We learn through failure. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Baby birds have to crack out of their own shell; it takes practice to get better whether you are learning to draw, writing computer code, play a sport, negotiate a contract, or sway a friend. It takes a willingness to take risks, to be vulnerable, to try again.”

CLIP graduate Andrew Mathis presented a speech entitled, “A Journey of Growth,” while PARADE graduate Henry Rubin shared his thoughts in a speech called, “Challenges Faced.”

As part of the ceremony, teachers Carol Gould (PARADE), Jennifer Grant (CHOICE/CLIP/CLEAR), Terry McClintic (PARADE) and Michael Seymour (CHOICE/CLIP/CLEAR) joined Mrs. Koukol and Mr. Allen to share personal experiences, stories, and reflections with each respective student and their family. This annual tradition brings a powerful and meaningful emotional connection between students, staff, and families.

When it came time to present the student diplomas, Riverview School Board Directors Lori Oviatt and Carol Van Noy were joined by Mr. Bomar and Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Anthony L. Smith. Dr. Smith spoke briefly in congratulating the students and then proudly presented the Class of 2021.

The CLIP graduates for 2021 include: Emma Anderson, Cedar Atkins, Andrea Gonzalez Lopez, Tamara Leclair, Andrew Mathis, Elaina Mayfield, Keaton Pfeifle, Roger Sprock, Seraphina Sprock, Raina Vazquez, Olivia Weiss, and Amelia Zeiler.

CLEAR graduates in the Class of 2021 are: Arly Amador, Cody Jacobson, Riley Knapp, Ashley Najera Romero, Faith Reed-Santos, and Danielle Wilson.

This year’s PARADE graduates, for the Class of 2021: Kiana Archibald, Dylan Cutchins, Logan Kepner, Kari Knutson, Evelyn Langdon, Stephen Langdon, Sadie Lints, Henry Rubin.

The Riverview School District proudly congratulates the Riverview Learning Center’s graduating Class of 2021!