Riverview School District


Riverview School District Communications Program Earns Eight Awards
from Washington School Public Relations Association

On May 20, 2021, the Riverview School District received eight Communications Program awards from the Washington School Public Relations Association (WSPRA), as part of their annual awards ceremony for the 2020-2021 school year..

For the second consecutive year, Riverview earned “Best in Show” in the category of “Writing,” for the article “Introducing Paul Beckel: Tolt Middle School’s New Assistant Principal and Athletic Director.” Riverview also earned an Award of Excellence for a feature story celebrating Sawyer Swart, a 2020 Riverview graduate who became the first Riverview student to earn an RSD certificate in Manufacturing and Fabrication.

“We are very proud of our exemplary communications program led by Mike Ward,” stated Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Smith. “To be one of the most recognized school districts in the state of Washington for our communications, is an honor, and reflects the positive contributions of our entire school district community.”

The WSPRA Communication Awards recognizes creative and effective work in school district communications from across the state. Entries are encouraged from all public or private schools or districts, including special schools such as vocational-technical institutes, regional or county education service districts, education agencies and private enterprises serving as partners with those organizations.

Riverview earned an additional Award of Excellence for:

Riverview received four Awards of Merit in the following categories:

Riverview also earned an Honorable Mention for the designing of “Engage - Riverview 407” in the “Website” category.

“Earning recognition from WSPRA this year, when so many school districts have been trying to find ways to communicate effectively during a pandemic, is really special,” said Mike Ward, Riverview’s Director of Communications. “WSPRA rewarding so many of our collaborative projects reflects the great work done by Transportation, Food Services, and Information Technology during the pandemic. In addition, WSPRA is recognizing a community who cares about kids and wants to see their school district succeed. That is what makes these awards meaningful – we all had a voice in earning them.”