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Carnation Elementary Teacher Elizabeth Wing Named
2018 Patsy Collins Award Winner for Excellence in Education, Environment, and Community

Elizabeth Wing, a third-grade teacher at Carnation Elementary, has been named one of three statewide recipients of the 2018 Patsy Collins Award for Excellence in Education, Environment, and Community.

The Patsy Collins Award is presented annually through a partnership between the Seattle Foundation and IslandWood. Wing joins Laura Tyler (South Shore PreK-8, Seattle Public Schools), and Jennie Warmouth (Spruce Elementary, Edmonds School District) as recipients of the award, which recognizes teachers for innovative approaches that connect learning with students’ lives and communities, to foster environmental awareness and stewardship behaviors.

Established to honor Patsy Collins, a philanthropist and civic leader who cared deeply about education and stewarding the environment and natural resources for future generations, recipients of the Patsy Collins Award earn a $10,000 cash prize.

“I am honored and excited to be a recipient of the Patsy Collins Award. The other two teacher recipients are outstanding in how they empower learners to become change agents and stewardship leaders in their communities,” Wing said.

“My passion for environmental science grew from growing up on an island in Maine. Every day was a new adventure in inquiry field studies - what marine creatures are going to be in the tide pool or is it possible to find a large worm under a small rock? I am still turning over rocks to this very day!”

Wing believes that when learners look at themselves as citizen scientists, they take ownership of their learning and build strong connections with their environment and community.

“It is important that our young learners realize their voice matters, and they can advocate for what they believe in and create change. Environmental education promotes a sense of place and connection through community involvement. Carnation students have worked with a variety of community experts in our region, including the Snoqualmie Tribe, King County Green School Program, Oxbow Farm, Nature Vision and Snoqualmie Partners on stewardship-based projects.”

Carnation Elementary principal Chris Lupo praised Wing and her achievements. “Elizabeth is, herself, a lifelong learner and she loves to expose kids to science, so they can grow their curiosity about how things work. I find her energy and creativity amazing, and all of her kids benefit.”

Funding for the award comes from an anonymous donor at the Seattle Foundation and honors educators in Washington K-12 schools who extend learning beyond the classroom. Teachers can be nominated or apply for the award and are selected by a committee of IslandWood educators. 

IslandWood serves more than 10,000 students each year, offering place-based, experiential learning programs for Puget Sound area schools. Students can visit the organization’s Bainbridge Island campus, the Brightwater wastewater treatment plant in Woodinville, or participate in various programs held in Seattle schools and nearby communities. The organization also offers graduate programs in education, develops community-connected science curriculum with Seattle Publis Schools, and provides teacher training and leads statewide advocacy initiatives.

The Seattle Foundation serves more than 1,200 individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits, with a goal of simplifying giving and strengthening the impact of philanthropy across the Greater Seattle area. They work to create a stronger, more vibrant community for all, through initiatives focused on community insights, powerful civic leadership, effective philanthropic advising, and other programs in support of the organization’s mission.

The Riverview School District congratulates Elizabeth Wing and is proud to have a 2018 Patsy Collins Award recipient within our Riverview community.

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