Riverview School District


29300 NE 150th Street
Duvall, WA 98019
425-844-4900 FAX 425-844-4902
School Hours - 9:40 AM - 4:00 PM

Principal - Molly Lutz

2020-2021 School Profile

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Welcome to Eagle Rock K-5 Multi-Age Program!

The Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program (ERMA), created in 1994, provides another choice for parents in the Riverview School District. This K-5 program integrates curricular areas through school-wide thematic units, to bring learning alive for students.

We offer a unique hands-on, minds-on learning environment that fosters cooperation and teamwork. Teachers use a variety of teaching techniques to meet students' individual learning styles. Students are allowed to progress at their own independent learning pace.

One component of the Eagle Rock experience is the commitment of each family to volunteer a minimum of 60 hours per year. Parents volunteer their strengths, talents, and skills. We believe that involving parents and community in the learning process is critical and an integral part of our students' success. Another component is the emphasis on man's relationship with the environment.

All members of ERMA strive for excellence through collaboration; building an exceptional educational foundation for students in an inviting, nurturing setting is our top priority.

Mission: To connect school, family, and community in order to create a strong foundation for a future of life-long learning.


Vision: At Eagle Rock we: