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Board Members

  • Director District 1
    Lori Oviatt, President
    E-mail: oviattl@rsd407.org
    Term expires: November 2021
  • Director District 2
    Jodi Fletcher, Recognition & Leadership
    E-mail: fletcherj@rsd407.org
    Term expires: November 2023
  • Director District 3
    Mrs. Carol Van Noy, Legislative Representative
    E-mail: vannoyc@rsd407.org
    Term expires: November 2023
  • Director District 4
    Danny Edwards
    E-mail: edwardsd@rsd407.org
    Term expires: November 2023
  • Director District 5 
    Sabrina Parnell, Vice-President
    E-mail: parnells@rsd407.org
    Term expires: November 2021